Sizing Guide

Women's Sizes


Men's Sizes


Besides the core dimensions of each size (see the sizing tables above) there are variations to the cut of each garment depending on whether it is designed for one of four fit types: Expedition, Regular, Alpine, or Athletic. 



Expedition Fit: Loose


  • Cut roomy enough to allow for a layer beneath, even multiple layers under an exterior layer, without restricting movement.
  • The fit is neither loose nor tight, garment follows body contours but does not restrict movement.
    ⋄ Length: extended torso for extra warmth; harness fits over garment.
    ⋄ Collar: high and wide.



Regular Fit: Roomy


  • Constructed for less technical use and lower-cardio outdoor activities in all seasons.
  • The fit is loose, universally appropriate for any figure.
    Length: long torso, based on fashion trends.



Alpine Fit: Close


  • Cut to minimize excess bulk even with multiple layers. Crafty construction at key joints - gusseted crotch and armpits, articulated knees and elbows - allows the greatest range of motion with each fabric
  • A close fit that follows body contours without restricting movement.
    Length: a short torso; to be worn over a harness
    ⋄ Collar: high



Athletic Fit: Tight

  • A tight cut with stretch brings prevents fabric bunching and helps draw sweat away from the body to accelerate drying time. Articulated knees and elbows allow a wide range of motion.
  • The fit is skin tight with elasticity to enhance muscle support with base layers or block wind on outer layers.
    ⋄ Length: a short front with a longer back for easy harness adjustments or to cover the lower back when riding a bike.
    ⋄ Collar: medium height, slim fit, unrestricted head movement