Thrilling and tough competition finished!

On June 8-12 more than 400 multisportsmen from Russia, Belarus, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, New Zealand, and Poland took part in the legendary Red Fox Adventure Race!

The 2019 Red Fox Adventure Race took place near Ladoga Lake - in one of the nicest areas of the Republic of Karelia (Russia). And for the eighth time the 2019 Red Fox Adventure Race is included in the AREuroseries calendar!

The race is divided into two classes: Short (24 hours, 160 km) and Long (48 hours, 231 km)

The course was designed by Vitaly Chegarovsky, a master designer who weaves adventure through every step of the trail.

The 2019 Red Fox Adventure Race began with a beautiful canoe stage - more than two hundred kayaks gathered at the starting line. Later the contestants switched to rafting a turbulent river on inflatable mattresses where there were no hard requirements for the type of raft, even inflatable crocodiles and unicorns were encountered. It turned out to be a light-hearted stage for athletes and guests, balancing the competitiveness of the race.

There were several complex technical stages on Kilpola island, for example, bungee jumping. In addition sportsmen had long coastering and bicycle roads - a real test of limits!

Two teams competed for the gold medal in the Long class: Seiklushunt from Estonia and TRITON - POWERUP Adventure Team from Russia. At the end they scored equal points and tied for first place!

Non-stop adventure, the magical beauty of nature, and good weather left all in a great mood driving home from the race - the 2019 Red Fox Adventure Race gave everyone a lot of strong impressions!

This year the Red Fox brand celebrates their 30 year anniversary and three decades of adventure from the mountains to the sea. Participants in the Red Fox Adventure Race use reliable Red Fox gear so they can focus on pushing their own personal limits.

Are you ready to test your limit? Come join us at the next Red Fox Adventure Race in 2020!