The Most Famous Walking Trails in Europe

If you are looking for a great way to break in your new trekking gear, Europe has plenty of options. The continent is covered with a variety of walking trails that can take you back in time, show you magnificent sites, and connect you with other like-minded outdoor adventurers. If you have a new stack of mountain gear waiting to be used, we recommend hitting one of these trials to try it out. 

Tour du Mont Blanc

This is one of the most popular walking trails in Europe, so don't be surprised if you aren't the only one on the path. You are sure to meet some new friends! The trail passes through Switzerland, Italy and France during its 170 kilometer path. Experienced hikers can make the journey in about 11 days. Along the way they'll get to take in some of the best sights that the Alps have to offer. 

West Highland Way

You'll follow 96 miles of old military roads and footpaths along this path that runs through Scotland. You'll pass mountains, moody swamps, and stunning scenery that will make you fall in love with Scotland all over again. Even better if the fact that you can take the train from the Harry Potter movie franchise at the end of the trail (you deserve a lift if you complete this trail!).

The GR20 Trail

The GR20 trail runs through Corsica, following the mountains along some tough terrain. This trail is better left to those with a little more hiking experience, as the terrain can be challenging to those who are new to the outdoor activity. If you are determined, though, there are guides who can be hired to help you along and even prepare meals.

Alsace Wine Trail

There is no reason you can't combine hiking with your other favorite hobby: wine! The Alsace Wine Trail travels through the wine country of France over the course of 4 or 5 days of relatively easy walking (leaving you more time and energy to sample winery offerings along the way). This is a great trail for a couple to enjoy together, as the woody paths are both beautiful and romantic.

Amalfi Coast Trail

The Amalfi Coast trail runs the length of the Italian peninsula. This is how those living in the area got from town to town until major roads where built. Walk in their ancient footsteps and take in the gorgeous water views, breathe in scents from the lemon orchards, and pause long enough to sample all of the fresh foods from little shops along the way. This is the kind of hike you might never want to leave. 

Before you head out on any of the trails, make sure you have all of the hiking and mountain gear that you need! Stock up in our online store with high-quality outdoor gear and be prepared to make a lifetime of memories. Our gear will hold up over every mile and through every unexpected twist and turn!