The first winners of Elbrus Ski Monsters Expedition Race!

Elbrus Ski Monsters Expedition Race is an exceptional expedition race, which is held for the first time in the history of the festival Red Fox Elbrus Race!

18 strongest teams from Russia, Andorra, Austria, Bulgaria attended the race.

Author: Roman Barabonov

The distance of Elbrus Ski Monsters Expedition Race passed through the historical places of Elbrus, the length of the route is 35 kilometers, and the climb is 4500 meters.

The race was in test mode and therefore they decided not to make an additional loop through the Hotu-Tau pass.

1. 8 hours 19 minutes 23 seconds: Ruslan Kulmuhametov and Ivan Marchenkov (National Guard of Russia team)

2. 8 hours 50 minutes 25 seconds: Ivan Fedorov, Ivan Makaev (National Guard of Russia team)

3. 8 hours 58 minutes 47 seconds: Evgeniy Markov and Vasiliy Khrychev.

The team Dynafit from Austria won the gold medals among women, the second and third places were taken by the Russian teams.

1. 10 hours 9 minutes 58 seconds, Veronika Mayerhofer and Johanna Erhart

2. 10 hours 6 minutes 32 seconds, Diana Zelenova and Svetlana Berezan

3. 9 hours 55 minutes 24 seconds, Anastasia Scherbakova and Yana Kiryanova

Congratulations to the leaders of Elbrus Ski Monsters Expedition Race!