Red Fox TSL Challenge snowshoe race

Today the Red Fox TSL Challenge snowshoe race became a colorful ending to the Red Fox winter festival. In prior years all festival competitors, including referees, organizers and media representatives participate in this exciting event. The most important thing is cheerfulness, not result.



1. Andreu Trias Laia (Catalonia) - 0:32:28

2. Teysh Elizabeth (Kazakhstan) - 0:36:15

3. Leal Auge Silvia (Catalonia) - 0:36:34


1. Eugene Markov (Russia) - 0:28:20

2. Hernandez Teixidor Eduardo (Spain) - 0:28:35

3. Sociats Asensio Just (Catalonia) - 0:29:34

Photo: Irina Kurmanaeva