Red Fox Adventure Race 2019 has started!


Today the grand opening ceremony of the 18th international Red Fox Adventure Race 2019 was held. For the eighth time it’s a part of the AREuroseries calendar! Teams from 13 countries arrived to test their limits at a difficult extreme distance.

The adventures began with a picturesque kayak stage; about five hundred participants came for the start, an improbable showing!

More than two hundred kayaks stretched out along the starting line waiting for the beginning of the race. There were many difficult and interesting tests awaiting participants; one of them, rafting through rough water on inflatable mattresses. The choice of watercraft was not strictly controlled, resulting in humorous choices, including inflatable crocodiles and unicorns. This stage was packed with fun, for participants, and the audience.

There were difficult technical stages on Kilpola island, for example, a trolley and bungee jumping. Trekking and extended coastering were also included — a real test of endurance. And that’s only the beginning!

Wishing good luck to all participants!