First impressions of the distance

Rafting on inflatable mattresses in rough water became one of the more memorable stages of the race. It was cheerful, but not all the participants could ardently pass it with lightweight equipment. For example, during this stage the Red Fox Adventure Team tore their “boat.” It slowed the racers a little, but did not prevent their team from winning.

Team member Evgeny Ivanov shared his impressions of the distance:

"It was cool, exciting! As usual, the distance was hard. Sometimes I couldn’t eat on the go. There was a wish for nothing. Only a desire to lay down. But we have our team’s engine, Vladimir, who doesn’t allow relaxing. The 23rd check point was difficult - we were one of the first to arrive there. There were pools and dirt on the road. But all the same it was cool".

Athletes who participated in race for the first time were impressed by the kayak stage. One team from Moscow noted: "The distance in kilometers was especially surprising. Part of stage was at night; in the dark the islands merged with the coast. Each island seemed to be the last… And when the next-to-the-last island really was the last, we saw the upside down kayaks of participants, we had only one emotion, "Hurrah!"

Teams who already tested their limit in the Red Fox Adventure Race noticed that every year the race organization became better and better, and where the stages became more interesting.

As organizers that’s good for us to hear. To see the athletes smiling when they overcome their own internal limits and with each stage become stronger. And all these events happened in the unpredictable nature of the Karelian peninsula. This year’s location won the heart of every participant.

While the Short class teams were receiving their awards, the Long class teams were marking down check points in the Race center, and refueling with porridge from the field kitchen while remaining on their bikes before going on to test their limits further.

It was evening when the first long-course team reached the finish! TRITON-POWERUP Adventure Team literally ran past bicycles under the final arch for a victory they are sure to treasure by acquiring the maximum number of points possible. Congratulations!